Flappy Tiny Birds – How to Train Your Dragon Bird 2 FREE Game

Flappy Dragon Bird for iOS

Love How to Train Your Dragon 2 Movie? Love Flappy Bird Game? You gotta love this Freaking Clumsy Flappy Dragon Bird, too!
Download this flappy dragon bird game for FREE and start flying the freaking way! ^^


***** Instructions *****
● Tap to fly, just that easy.
● Avoid bamboo & other obstacles.
● Get 4 medals to unlock very cool stuff.
● Get every 5 points for a wisdom of success reward.

***** Features *****
● Moving pipes.
● Players with different weights.
● Happiness quote rewards.
● Beautiful game effects.
● Sharing scores on Facebook, Twitter, and more…

***** Medals *****
● Bronze Medal: 10 -> 19 points (unlocks clouds background & heart tale).
● Silver Medal: 20 -> 39 points (unlocks landscape background).
● Gold Medal: 40 -> 59 points (unlocks new dragon birds).
● Ruby Medal: 60 points and above (unlocks weight loss for new dragon birds).

All game tips are found in the assistant banner at the top of the game over screen.
You can swipe up/down to hide/show the assistant banner.

It’s time to help Poo to find master to learn Kung Fu to become the Dragon Warrior!

Please feel free to contact us if you need support or have any requests.
Thanks & best regards!

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