Aqua Chaos – Feeding Fish Frenzy Mobile Game

Let’s go underwater and discover the Aqua Chaos. Available for iOS and Android.


Feed fish. Collect coins. Discover skillful pets. Fight naughty monsters.



– Adventure: introducing a food chain with 10 fish types. You will unlock cool pets through out this mode. A force of monsters will also try to stop you.
– Rush: make money as much as you can within a limited time.
– Match 3: more fun with 200 levels of the classic Match 3 game, with beautifully cute ocean tiles.
– Rush Match 3: like its name, you rush while matching these cute ocean tiles in a limited time.
– Onet: also called One Connect, where you will connect 2 same tiles with no more than 3 lines.
– Zen: raise Goldie fish types, and decorate your dreamed underwater world with the rarest fish not found anywhere else (Sunflower Goldie, Spider Goldie, Rainbow Piranha, Venom Terrijaw…).


– There are more than 20 upgradable pets with different skills.
– There are more than 50 rare fish to decorate Zen scenes.
– There are 7 types of gun, the 7th gun’s bullet can chase a monster.
– There are many game modes and mini games (Adventure, Rush, Match 3, Onet or One Connect, Zen…).
– Vivid graphics and beautiful effects.

We created Aqua Chaos with all our passion and effort.
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